Lone Working

Lone worker protection at the touch of a button...

Employers have a legal responsibility to provide for the protection of staff who work alone, see: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg73.pdf 

Keeping your staff safe need not be expensive, complicated or disruptive. With Carecall's automated system, lone workers have immediate back-up and peace of mind in the knowledge that help is available immediately in the event of an incident.

The system is simple to use. The Lone Workers mobile phone is programmed to Carecall's Telemonitoring Centre. It allows the user to leave messages specific to where they are going, how long they will be and check in and out times.

If they don't check in when they are meant to, the Telemonitoring Centre will be alerted and the agreed emergency action plan will be implemented.

And it's cheaper than you may think, with a one off fee of £5 to register and then just £1 a week to monitor.

For more information please see the leaflet below, or to arrange an appointment please contact Carecall on 0161 218 1655 or email carecall@stockporthomes.org