Detectors & Sensors

We offer a range of detectors and sensors to keep both you and your property safe...

Smoke detectors

Our fully monitored smoke detectors are installed in your property. In addition to sounding an alarm they will alert our control centre in the event of activation. This means that we can check that you are safe in the property 24/7 and arrange emergency assistance quickly if required.

Fall detectors

A fall detector is a small pendant that is either worn around the wrist or the neck. The detector will automatically sense if you stumble or fall and trigger an alarm to our control centre. This means that even if you are succeptible to black outs or fainting we will be able to provide assistance in the event of a fall.

Flood detectors

A flood detector is fitted in a bathroom, kitchen or other high risk area. It is a small sensor that is fitted at floor height. Should there be an overflow of water it will trigger an alarm to our control centre. Our trained staff will then be able to provide assistance or raise the alarm before the damage becomes severe. Flood detectors are particularly useful for people who have memory problems or are becoming forgetful.

Exit and Entry sensor

An Exit and Entry sensor is a small infra red sensor that is fitted to doors in the property. The sensor alerts the control centre if the door is opened. This can be particularly useful for people who are at risk of wandering or are forgetful and often leave doors open. Should an alarm be received our trained staff can raise an alert quickly to help ensure the safety and security of the client.