Ann's story
Posted in Customer stories on 17th Jul 2015

By Jonny Brown

It was a little difficult to find a telemonitoring service that would suit my needs as I live alone. I’ve got lots of friends and they would be more than happy to help me but I wanted something that would help give me some comfort, peace of mind and help give me some independence without relying on my friends. 

I’ve been part of Carecall now for two years. When I started to look for a telemonitoring service, I wasn’t entirely sure what was on the market and how much it was going to cost me. There was a variety to choose from but Carecall stood out for me as it is one of the very few services that offer a daily reminder service. 

Due to the fact I live in a quiet area, I needed something I could rely on if I’m alone and have a fall. I’ve got a pendant with a button that I need to push before 12pm each day so the Carecall staff know I haven’t had a fall. It’s a great comfort to me to know that I can rely on this service and I’m very glad that this particular service is available to suit my needs. 

I did try other services to see how they compared; money being one of the main reasons. But others tended to be more expensive and didn’t provide the service that I personally needed. Carecall is an affordable, quality service that I can’t praise enough. 

The service helps me have peace of mind with help just the push of a button away.